Coworker Global Pass

Welcome to the Global Pass Founders Launch

$50 for 5 Days of coworking (5 CREDITS)* Credits never expire

pic Available at 1,500+ spaces in more than 500 cities
pic Limited supply: Available to the first 500 users.

Benefits Include

  • Exclusive access to every Global Pass space in over 108 countries and 500+ cities worldwide
  • A subscription at the lowest rate that will ever be offered, being $50 USD for five days of coworking (valued at over $150)
  • Your credits will never expire

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How it works


Discover a place to work in your desired location with the Coworker app. As you search, you can view the location, photos, amenities, hours of operation, and read member reviews.


Members can easily book and redeem a spot at any  Global Pass coworking space for a day. Spaces will be sent an email notification upon booking for advance notice of your arrival.


Upon arrival, you will check in via the Coworker app. At this time, you will receive all necessary information to start working (wi-fi password, instructions for the coffee machine, etc.)

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